• Sendai Time Travel Tour(end)

    [ July 28th (Fri) 13:00 – 16:00 ]

    [ The deadline for reservation is July 25th (Thu) ]

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    [Sendai Time Travel Tour]

    Relive the 400-year history of Sendai, the city of trees, through a selection of historic buildings. How did the city grow? Who was this city home to? Together, let us dive into Sendai on the electronic “*Date Bikes“ from the Aoba Castle, where the founder and guardian of the city, Date Masamune, will send us on our way.
    After spending a visit to “Zuihoden”, the colorful resting place of Masamune and other members of the Date family (entrance is 500 yen), the course will lead us to the home of a very unlikely, but influential son of the city – Bansui Doi, a writer and translator who worked his entire life to build bridges between Japan and other countries. What follows is a trip to the roof of “Fujisaki”, the history soaked hallmark department store of Sendai. Finally, we will slip into the future at the Sendai mediatheque. Take part in this tour to experience Sendai in four dimensions!

    *DATE BIKE is Sendai City’s Community CycleSharing Service.



    Friday, July 28
    Meet up at Sendai Aoba Castle (12:50)


    13:00 Start → Sendai Aoba Castle →Zuihoden →Bansui Sodo (A “Humble Abode”) →
    Fujisaki Department Store →Sendai Mediatheque →16:00 End


    *If it rains… ↓↓
    Meet up at Sendai station (12:50)

    13:00 Start (get on the Loople bus) → Sendai station →Bansui Sodo (A “Humble Abode”) →Zuihoden →Sendai Aoba Castle →Sendai Mediatheque →16:00 End


  • [Sendai Time Travel Tour]  

    July 28th (Fri) 13:00 – 16:00

    ※The deadline for reservation is July 25th (Thu)

    Meet up at Sendai Aoba Castle (12:50)

    Participation is ¥2,000 (including rental charges and entrance fees)

    10 participants max.

    If you want to apply for this tour,

    Please fill in the [Reservation Form] and send it to us by email [info@tabimusubi.co.jp]with [Sendai Time Travel] as the title.


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